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Dress Code

School colors: Navy Blue and Khaki

At SWE we insist on proper attire for our students because we feel that a student’s attitude and behavior are frequently determined by how the student presents him/herself. Students at SWE are required to wear school uniforms. The guidelines for the uniforms will be given to all students currently attending SWE and all students registering for the school year.

Operating in conjunction with our uniform for the school is the dress code for St. Tammany Parish. The dress code for St. Tammany Parish is a School Board mandate; students need to understand and practice the spirit of its guidelines as well as the absolute regulations of it. Parents need to set up the standards of how their children dress that is in keeping with the high moral standards of SWE. Please check your children before they leave home each day. Please note St. Tammany Parish Handbook on Attendance, Discipline, & Student Records for details on general dress code. 

A student not in compliance with the dress code will be given warnings of their lack of compliance. These warnings will be mailed home; on the third warning, the student may be suspended.

Dress Code for Physical Education

We do not require PE uniforms for students in PE classes. However, students should come with proper shoes for PE on the days they have PE classes. They should meet the following guidelines:

  • Only athletic shoes that support the foot and ankle properly are allowed.
  • Flip flops, slippers, heeled shoes or cleats are not allowed.
  • Shoes with soles or treads that can damage the gym floor are not allowed.