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Sixth Ward Elementary (SWE) is a Pre-K through 5th grade school located on Highway 41 between Pearl River, Louisiana and Talisheek. The school's population is approximately 390 students and covers a large portion of the St. Tammany district that includes many small, unincorporated Louisiana communities from Lacombe to Bush. Past and present towns included are St. Tammany, Hickory, Florenville, Audubon, Charter Oak, Evans Creek, and Talisheek. Some areas of Lacombe and Bush are also included in the attendance boundaries. Because of the rural location of the community, SWE provides facilities that are often used for recreational activites and is the focal point for many activities within the community.

Stemming from the consolidation of small local schools, Sixth Ward was founded in the early 1900's. The first school building consisted of 4 rooms that grew with various additions until the 1940's. A gymnasium was built for the students in 1949. This portion of the site is now our renovated library. Classes were held in the new gym until the school could be rebuilt after the old school building burned down in 1951. A new gymnasium was erected in 1964. A dual agriculture/home economics building added in 1974 was remodeled into a pre-k and kindergarten complex in 2003. In 1978, a junior high wing was constructed which now houses the fifth grade, computer lab and science lab classes. A new cafetorium was completed and occupied in 1994. The main building, built in the 1950's after the fire in 1951, has been totally renovated.

Until 1986, the school provided instruction for grades K through 9 for the children in the community. At that time, the 9 th grade was moved to Pearl River High School . In 2003, the 6th , 7th , and 8th grade junior high students began attending the area's newly built junior high school, Creekside Junior High.

Sixth Ward Elementary is a dynamic, progressive school that has a multi-generational identity. A majority of the students have parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents who attended SWE. The school grounds contain approximately 20 acres of centennial moss-draped oaks and include a football field, used by the community recreational center, and an outdoor walking track used by the adults and children in the area. The school continues its adherence to the standards of excellence promoted by the St. Tammany Parish School System.

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